Cruise: aeolian islands and sicilian coast

This cruise will sail along the western islands of the Aeolian archipelago and the Tyrrhenian north-west coast. The first stops of the trip are the islands of Lipari and Vulcano, then off to Filicudi and Alicudi, two islands less known by the tourists, which offer the chance to visit archaeological ruins from the Neolithic Age, to enjoy unspoiled nature and to experience the authentic Aeolian spirit. The second part of our cruise will sail along the Sicilian coast, showing the unique combination of the Nebrodi Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Cefalù is the final destination of our cruise. The city is famous for its beauty, its Duomo, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its Arab-Norman essence, still testified by the urban system, buildings and alleys.


Day One

“Welcome on Board!”

Arrival at the port in Capo D’Orlando and check-in at 6 p.m.
After receiving you aboard and completing your check-in, the crew welcome you with a little cocktail party.
Introduction to the programme of the week, followed by dinner and first night spent at the port.

Day Two

Destinations: Island of Vulcano, Grotta del Cavallo and Piscine di Venere

Sailing towards the Island of Vulcano and breakfast on board. In the morning, we will arrive at Vulcano Island, where you can bathe in the sulphurous pools, known to be curative and therapeutic for the skin. Then, the gulet will stop at “la Grotta del Cavallo”, a natural cave surrounded by a deafening silence. The second stop of our morning schedule is at “Piscine di Venere”, where a swim is a must. According to the myth, this suggestive and colourful place would restore the virginity of the person who go swimming in it. The shallow and warm waters are the perfect frame to a rich and multi-colour sea life. This is an amazing immersion for seabed lovers.
Lunch on board. In the afternoon, on the Island of Vulcano, it’s possible to reach the top of the volcano in one hour long hike to enjoy one of the most breath-taking landscape of the Aeolian archipelago. On the crater, the composition of the soil is particularly rich in sulphur, which creates a fantastic kaleidoscope. Some fumaroles are still there to testify the last eruption occurred in 1890.
Autonomus dinner.
Night on board.

Day Three

Destinations: Aeolian Islands: Island of Lipari, the main town in the archipelago

Breakfast on board and navigation towards the island of Lipari. Enjoy your free time in the morning, where you can visit the historical centre and the archaeological museum “Bernabò Breà”, which tells the Aeolian prehistory and was founded by the homonymous Ligurian archaeologist.
In the afternoon, the gulet will cruise around the island, sailing through the Faraglioni rocks. Later you can have a swim at the beach of Valle Muria.
Autonomus dinner.
Night on board.

Day Four

Destinations: Island of Filicudi

The island of Filicudi represents a change to the Aeolian mood. It is an unspoilt and poorly lit island, which offers a very different experience from the other more popular Aeolian Islands. It is the ideal place for tourists who would like to live a spiritual and relaxing holiday. It is an immersion in the colours, flavours and perfumes of the Aeolian Islands.
Dinner and night on board.

Day Five

Destinations: Island of Alicudi

The island of Alicudi assures the same pure environment of Filicudi. Alicudi is famous for its mule tracks, that are rough rural roads, which link the docks and the rock beaches to the towns. Wild island with crystal clear sea and rock coasts full of beautiful little caves, Alicudi offers a lot of places of historical and natural interests. For example, the “Grotta del Bue Marino”, according to the myth this was home to Aeolus the God-Wind; the “Arco del Perciato”, a famous headland; the lava sea stack, known as “la Canna”, the reed; and many other little treasures, which make the island a naturalistic museum.
A must-see visit are the small villages along the island perimeter and the base of the mountain.

Day Six

Destinations: Cefalù

Cefalù is greatly famous for its historical centre and its Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to that, it has an amazing coast with a clear, terrific sea and the beautiful “La Rocca”, a challenging ascent, which offers a spectacoular view above the city, where you can feel the Arab-Norman history surrounding every valleys, houses and stones. In the museum of Mandralisca you can admire a lot of archeological remains and some important paintings, such as “Portrait of a Man” by Antonello da Messina.
Autonomous dinner and night on board.

Day Seven

Destinations: Tindari

Tindari is our stop of the day. It represents the most authentic Greek Sicily. The Greek theatre offers an extraordinary view on the Mediterranean Sea. The archeological area shows historical evidences from the Bronze Age to the Imperial Age. On top of the town, the sanctuary overlooks Marinello beach, where there are the famous lakes, which according to the legends, were formed by the Virgin Mary in order to save the life of a child.

Day Eight

Breakfast on board and check-out at 8.30 a.m.
We hope to see you again on board of our gulet.

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