• Altinlar a beautiful Turkish Gulet
    Altinlar a beautiful Turkish Gulet

38° Parallelo: Aeolian Islands on a Gulet

Our offer is addressed to the traveller who loves the unconventional itinerary and the alternative way, who sees the journey as a spiritual experience and a nourishment for the soul; to the traveller who is drawn by the strong calling of the sea and wants to take delight in its pleasures.

On board of our exclusive gulet, our crew will be happy to take you to the Aeolian Archipelago, one of the most beautiful group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. We will delight you with the exquisiteness of the local food and we will promptly and professionally satisfy any request you might make, in order to make you experience the best relaxing days of your life, in search of the most hiddent treasures of the Aeolian islands.

The cruise on board of Altinlar will show you new angles of the seven, popular islands, sailing along the northeastern coast of Sicily, from Capo d’Orlando to Milazzo, the main port to the islands.
It is here that the Myth narrates the story of Aeolus and the four winds; it is here that Homer takes Ulysses after his many peregrinations; it is here that Virgil describes the narrow mouths of the Peloro river in his verses; it is here that a furious Polyphemus flung giant rocks at the ships of heros fleeing from his cave…

The grandeur, which inspired ancient and modern poets, still shines from these magical places, where you will be able to feel mesmerised by the spell of the mermaids, captivated by the pungent smell of the myrtles, enchanted by the superlative beauty of a place in which past and present becomes one, stopping time and the worries of daily life.


Aeolian islands Cruise

la crociera caicco eolie

La tua vacanza in caicco alle Eolie

A bordo dell'Altinlar alla scoperta della bellezza incantevole dell'arcipelago eoliano.


Il Caicco Altinlar

Caicco Altinlar Blue

Tutto il fascino di un vero caicco

L'altinlar: un caicco turco curato nei dettagli, ricercato nel suo aspetto, evocativo nella sua storia e dotato di ogni comfort.



Every day a dream with 38 ° Parallelo Yacht Charter

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